Delivery of Cancer Care in Hinterlands - A Positive Beginning

"I could not have asked for more! When I learnt about my cancer, my world came crashing down. I saw a ray of hope only after meeting ACCF's healthcare worker." - Somrai Dungdung, 40 years, Karbi Anglong

It was almost three years ago when Somrai noticed an ulcerous growth on his inner lower lip which gradually started expanding on the outside and became visible. He, along with his family visited a hospital in Dimapur where he was diagnosed with early stage Verrucous Carcinoma. Surgery was suggested as the first line of treatment. But Somrai could not afford to go under the knife due to financial limitations. He took local medicines, but in vain. Somrai hardly showed any improvement.

In the last week of October 2020 - ACCF's Patient Navigator at Diphu learnt about Somrai's health condition during his field visit. He immediately met Somrai and suggested him to visit the hospital. He was reluctant initially; however, he and his family were convinced of a free of cost surgery, and that expenses would be covered under Government Schemes. He was examined and reviewed by Medical Oncologist at ACCF Onco Care, Diphu (newly launched day care centre) - who prepared a treatment plan, including his transfer to State Cancer Institute (SCI) at Guwahati for surgery. Thereafter he would come back for chemotherapy and follow up at the day care unit in Diphu. He was assisted by Outreach Team leader at Diphu to get enrolled into Aatal Amrit Abhiyan (AAA) scheme and issued him a AAA card. This gave him assurance that he would not require to fund for himself.

Information was instantaneously shared with ACCF's Doctor and Patient Navigator at SCI, who coordinated with various departments for a seamless course of treatment. On November 16, 2020, Somrai was ferried in ACCF vehicle accompanied by a Patient Navigator. He was admitted at SCI and an immediate surgery was advised. He needed blood transfusion which was arranged by ACCF team members. A team of Oncologists planned the process and after preliminary tests and procedures, Somrai had undergone a successful surgery on November 23. He was finally discharged from hospital on December 2. Our ACCF team continues with his follow up for further course.

Somrai's case exemplifies the relentless efforts of Team ACCF and their commitment towards making cancer care accessible to one and all. His treatment began within a short span of time since the first referral. What is most convincing is the trust laid upon us. As we continue our journey, we believe we will be able to bring smiles on many such ailing patients and those deprived of quality treatment.

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